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“You have to make the choice to live in Faith & Flow!”


It’s not always easy to surrender and to wait with patience for the next door to open, or the opportunity for movement to reveal itself. It’s not always a joyful “yes YES” when the path ahead is murky and appears to be impossible to navigate.

You have to make the CHOICE to live in Faith & Flow. And when you allow your mind and your heart to connect... watch as they begin to reveal visions, of possibilities, of creation, of movement and many times the perfect amount of healing.

Trust the process and remain open to the journey. Give yourself permission to experience something different... so that you will discover results that you have never witness before!


Live in Faith & Flow!


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These 3 simple, but powerful practices will create massive shifts in your life. You will also recieve information on Matt's new book "Living in Faith and Flow" scheduled to be released in 2020 and other exciting updates.


Watch as Host Julie Sands of Imaginate interviews Matt about this incredible journey of stepping out in Faith and creating this powerful movement of choosing to


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What is...

Faith & Flow

What is Faith & Flow

Faith is believing and having trust even in the face of uncertainty or when things are unclear. By having faith you are giving yourself permission and space to focus on the things that you CAN control or direct, instead of spending energy and time on things that you can not influence. Faith is freeing yourself of the challenges and having total belief even when there is no proof.


Flow is allowing yourself to move amongst the constant change of life. Flow supports your plan or strategy to move you in the direction of your greater good. Being in “flow” also releases you from the weight and pressure of this experience called life. When you are in the flow and you surrender to your higher power, it will guide you, lead you and begin to reveal, the blessings

designed for you.


International Best Selling Author, Transformational Coach

Inspirational Speaker, Creative Director & Master Facilitator

for Motivating The Masses. 

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Matt Gil, is recognized as a powerful, impactful & soul stirring speaker, coach, media host and Author of International Best Selling book "Got it, Get it, Give it". Readers were inspired as Matt shared his journey of self love, acceptance and ultimately standing in his greatness.


With over 21 years of experience in training and development serving, educating and empowering multitudes of personal and professional industries, Matt empowers humanity to identify, develop and execute in their strengths and passion.


His extensive, recognized and rewarding experience as a trainer & coach including developing and delivering curriculum for companies such as Kmart, Red Robin International, Six Flags & Disney. His training has touched the communities of LA Unified School District, County of Los Angeles, City of Commerce, CA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and many other international youth and family programs.


Matt is honored to serve along side a GLADIATOR TEAM OF CHANGE AGENTS at Motivating The Masses and Motivating The Teen Spirit. Working along side the insanely gifted Lisa Nichols who’s talents and calling has impacted millions world wide. Learning, growing, serving, coaching, creating and transforming has lead Matt to have created breakthroughs for millions across the globe by sharing his lessons, learnings and leaps required to arrive at your next progression. Matt has impact thousands to discover their own untapped talents and infinite potential.


For the Past 12 years he has also served as a Master Facilitator for Motivating The Teen Spirit, empowering teens and families to fall madly in love with who they are, learn to put words to their feelings, take accountability for choices they were making and learn what it means to make integrity based decisions. Matt has impacted the lives of adults and teens world-wide through coaching and Motivating The Teen Spirit program.


Matt is the Host and Creator of “Mornings With Matt” on Youtube with content created on behalf of Motivating The Masses. You can also follow and subscribe to Matt Gil’s Youtube page to find inspirations, transformation, great stories, exploration and sometimes plain fun non-sense.


Matt is a proud resident of the San Diego area and enjoys spending quality time and conversations with family, friends and traveling. Matt loves to explore and get lost so that he can create the adventure of finding his way back. During his time of restoration and rejuvenation he can be found at the beaches or hiking on the hills alongs side the ocean. (Sometimes getting lost there too).

Matt has been on mission to empowering people to define, embrace and share their greatness with the world. He is now taking his IMPACT to new heights, Inspiring humanity to choose to LIVE IN FAITH, OPERATE IN FLOW and EXPERIENCE the freedom of living the Abundant, Beautiful Creations Designed For YOU!!

Matt Gil
Matt Gil
Matt Gil, Lisa Nichols, Lakeisha Michelle
Matt Gil
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See Matt in Action

See Matt in Action

See Matt in Action
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Matt Gil- Live your life AWAKE!!

Matt Gil- Live your life AWAKE!!

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Mornings With Matt - Are you making other people’s beliefs your own?

Mornings With Matt - Are you making other people’s beliefs your own?

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Matt Gil - Let Your Journey Give You Life

Matt Gil - Let Your Journey Give You Life

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Mornings With Matt - How do you show up for YOU?

Mornings With Matt - How do you show up for YOU?

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Matt Gil
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