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How did this all get started?

Back in October I was in route to the airport to catch my flight to Orlando for Motivating The Masses' 'Speak & Write To Make Millions'. On the way to the airport, the Lyft that I was in, broke down in the middle of the freeway. Now, at first I was a bit worried. I instantly had a thousand questions pour through my head, "Are we going to be able to pull over safely? Am I going to be able to get another Lyft on the freeway? What is going to happen to this driver when I leave, is he going to be able to get help? Am I going to make my 6:20 am flight?"


You would think that my first response would be to go into a panic but there was a sense of peace that came over me. There didn't seem like I had too much control over what was happening and so I said to myself, "Alright Angels... it's time for you to take over and I will go with the FLOW. I have FAITH it will all work out."  And that was the first time that I really remember saying "Faith & Flow". It was a few days later, as I was sharing the story with a friend, I remember saying that "I choose to Live In FAITH and FLOW" And when I said it... it just "felt right". 

Dave - Lyft Driver

In the weeks following, I really started looking at my life and acknowledging how often I choosing to surrender and allow my higher power (God) to take the lead. When did that happen and become a part of my normal way of being? As I thought back, I remembered feeling tired! Tired of constantly fighting, fighting myself, my thoughts, my actions and inactions. I was always feeling like everything was a struggle because I was trying to control the uncontrollable.


It wasn't until I learned to surrender and to listen that I began to see things change. I started to feel a sense of FREEDOM. So, from that point on I made myself more aware of the conversations I was having with myself and when the feeling of over whelm crept in... I would choose to live in FAITH and FLOW. 

Now since that time in October, I had not seen or even expect to run into Dave the Lyft driver again. On February 6, 2019 I was doing a site visit for Motivating The Masses upcoming event "Speak & Write To Make Millions" when I ordered a Lyft and low and behold... it was Dave!!! THE EXACT driver I had before and I was in route for THE EXACT event that I was on my way to the airport to host in Orlando!!! 


I know that this reunion was not by accident. I was given confirmation that I am in FLOW and all the pieces, the opportunities, the celebrations are showing up.


When you operate in Faith & Flow, you create more FREEDOM in your life!  

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