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The Journey continues!!

That is so much easier said than done! To say the journey that I... Matt Gil have been on... was anywhere near easy, would be an outright lie!!! I breathe in love and gratitude for the experiences, that have allowed me to arrive where I am today!! The contrast of chaos I once circled in has shifted to a thunder of togetherness and transformation!

I sometimes question "the calling" that I feel is on my life... but I CHOOSE to live in FAITH. Even when I don’t see the whole picture or know all the exact details! Instead I choose to FLOW with the guidance you are showing me. I am honored that the moments and memories of my past has lead me to stand in the progress of where I am today. I am prepared and ready to serve in my next capacity and I surrender to be used as a prophet of purpose, disciple of faith and vessel of unconditional love.

I am in NO WAY perfect or claim to know any of the answers... I am simply sharing my journey. I pray you find inspiration in my story so that you can powerfully move along to your next progression in the abundant, beautiful, creation designed especially for you!

Thank you for allowing me to walk this journey called life with you. Always remember that I am your Brother in the Journey... and I celebrate you!

Matt Gil Host, Creative Director, Content Creator Speaker, Author, Coach & Certified FOODIE!

Living in Faith and Flow

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